Send LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Submissions to ActiveCampaign with Zapier

An image of LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Logo flowing to Active Campaign Logo via a Zapier labelled arrow

Are you running Linked Ads using their Lead Forms feature and wondering "How do I push my LinkedIn Lead Form Submissions to My ActiveCampaign account using Zapier?"

In this short walkthrough you'll be taken step by step through the process of building and testing this automation... no manual Customer Relationship Management (CRM) uploads or contact creation required.

The Building Blocks

What you'll need:

An ActiveCampaign Account (Any Plan).

  • A LinkedIn Ads Manager Account.
  • Ensure you have a campaign group, campaign & ad configured with a lead form attached so the automation can be tested.
  • A Zapier account (ActiveCampaign and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are premium apps, and therefore a Zapier paid plan is required).
  • (Optional) Zapier has a pre-built template you can use for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to get setup quickly.

​What your finished zap will look like:

This is a fairly straight forward zap with just 2 steps

  • Step 1 - Trigger: Fires when a new form is submitted
  • Step 2 - Action: Creates a new contact in ActiveCampaign, or updates and existing contact if one already exists in the account.
Zapier Zap Preview - LinkedIn Lead Gen Form to Active Campaign

Configuring Your Zap

Configuring Step 1 - The Starting Trigger - When a form is submitted:

  • Click the Create Zap button to get started.
  • Search for and select the app "LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms".
  • Select Trigger Event "New Lead Gen Form Response", then continue.
  • Select the LinkedIn account that contains the lead gen form.
  • Select the LinkedIn form you want to use, then continue.
  • Test your trigger.

Configuring Step 2 - Creating/updating your ActiveCampaign contact:

  • Search for and select the app "ActiveCampaign".
  • Select Action Event "Create/Update Contact", then continue.
  • Select the ActiveCampaign account you wish to add/update contacts in, then continue.
  • Find the ActiveCampaign fields you wish to and for each use the dropdown menu to select the fields from the Step 1 which contain that information, fill out namely:
  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • Last Name (If collected)
  • Phone Number (If collected)
  • Tags (If you wish the contact to be tagged in ActiveCampaign you can specify them here)
  • Any other fields you wish to populate
  • ​Test your trigger.

Finally - Turn on your zap

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